A lot can happen in 180 days. For Ada Lea, the 180 days that followed the rupturing of her relationship had her in her bag, exploring her complex feelings and innermost thoughts. What resulted from the 6 months of emotions was her debut album what we say in private. Her album includes hits like 180 days, which is a blend of dreamy melodies, heavily charged lyrics, and her soothing voice that make sure her immense emotions are palpable. Lea makes sure you are left feeling the scars of a tumultuous cycle of love. 

In this episode, we explore how her feelings and how Montreal breathes life into her music. 

What is “180 days” about?

The song is about the rupture of a relationship and the 180 days that I journaled following the rupture. It’s about wanting to break out of the shell that you’re living in and wanting to go to a party and make out with a bunch of people. 

What are the three key words to your song?

180, 6 months, half a year

Why do you think your record got so many good reviews and resonated with so many people?

I think it resonated with so many people because of how honest it is.

If your music wasn’t your music, when would you listen to it?

I’d listen to it when we were all living on Mars.  

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t making music, I’d become a therapist.  

What kind of artists are you listening to right now?

Some bands that I’m listening to right now are Sorry Girls, Common Holly, and Emilie Kahn.

What does Montreal mean to you?

Montreal is my home - it’s where I’ve spent most of my years. It’s the city that I feel most comfortable in, it’s where most of my family and friends live too. 

How does montreal influence your music?

Montreal affects the music in terms of the city’s eclectic feel, I think, and the possibility to just stay home and work on things. If I was living in New York, I’d have to be working a lot harder and I wouldn’t have the possibility to work on as much music. So I think in that sense, Montreal is where this is possible, for me. 

What are some of your favorite places in montreal?

My favorite places in Montreal include Brasserie Beaubien, which is actually where I’m performing later. My second favorite would be this park, and my third favorite would be La Banquise which is great for vegan poutine.

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