Formed in 2016, ADOY has quickly emerged through the ranks to become one of the brightest up-and-coming bands in the indie music scene. The band, which consists of established musicians from bands like Eastern Sidekick and From The Zoo, their uniqueness lies in their approach, resulting in lo-fi beats, nostalgic lyrics about an idyllic youth and dreamy days. Think lazy beach days with friends, cold beers, cigarettes and the familiar sound of the radio.

All of the band’s music is created in Juhwan’s house called The Angel, plastered with posters of Tame Impala and Fleet Foxes, where a cat named Yoda lives as a source of inspiration for both music and band name. Read on to find out more.

Hey guys, can you tell us a bit about ADOY

We’re a synth-pop band and debuted in May 2017 with the album CATNIP. The name ADOY came from our cat YODA spelt backwards.

That’s a great story about your name - so then how did you get started in music?

It was as naturally as water.

What is Seoul to you?

Home, Sweet, Home

It is indeed, it’s also so lively and dynamic, how has living here influenced your music?

Seoul is just as fast and energetic as New York. People who live here are very busy with their daily lives, and we find the most inspiration from that.

Do you think the music scene in Seoul is different - What’s it like?

Indie and subculture are active around Hongdae and Itaewon, and it seems to be characterized by a dynamic mix of various genres of music. Listeners in Seoul are very intuitive and sensitive to trends.

Is there any specific place that you want to perform in? 

We would love to play our song “San Francisco” in San Francisco.

That would be rad! What's on the cards next for ADOY?

We are trying to expand our audience in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand etc. We want to show ADOY to many other countries that we've never been to yet. Right now, we’re preparing for our tour in Asia and the US.

We want to keep creating good songs and performances so that people get bright and positive energy from us.

If you had to, describe your music in 5 words

Youth, City, Summer, Drive, Love