AltoPalo #NYC

Altopalo is a four piece band formed and based in New York City. Originally coming together in school because of a love and appreciation for similar music, the group began playing with and around one another in the city. Made up of Mike Haldeman (guitar), Jesse Bielenberg (bass), Dillon Treacy (drums), and Rahm Silverglade (vocals, keys), the band escapes away to Rahm's childhood home in Indiana a few times a year to take a break from various tours and create the unique and genre-defying music of altopalo. Their music is elegant and provoking without pretension. After getting a nod of approval from Pitchfork, DIY Magazine, Consequence of Sound and beyond for their debut album frozenthere, they are certain to continue pushing boundaries for their second project due out in 2019. 

Tell us about your creative process?

Our creative process is built around improvising and gravitating towards unorthodox textures that we create within these improvisations. We have these improvs recorded, which we like to call germinals, and hone in on those for hours at a time, with all four of us at certain points crowded around the computer. Adding and/or taking away instruments and textures, plug-ins, sounds in the house that we record in, and whatever else that satisfies our need to create in the moment. The germinal, now a song, graduates to a balanced place that all four of us had input in. Not one song is written by a singular person. Each one is met with care and deliberation over what sounds get used, what form it follows, and what lyrics are said. It is an immensely collaborative process.

How has your music evolved since you first began?

it has become simpler and more dynamic. embracing more of the things that go “pop.” lushness over brashness. more air.

we hear you’ve been prepping lots of new material… excited to share it with the world?

We are most looking forward to playing our music for audiences in Europe! The live show is something that we forget about, because we spend the majority of our time together writing and creating in a house. However, every time we play our music for others and in a live setting, the amount of love we experience on stage while we play, and then from the audience is a wonderfully amazing thing. To share that and experience it with new audiences and fans in Europe is beyond exciting. And also obviously, sharing the new songs with everyone. We got some #bangerzz.

Who are you currently listening to?


Angelo de Augustine

James Blake

Mdou Moctar

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