In our third episode for the Beat Bites series, we meet music producer Apro, whose curiosity of the daily sounds in his life compelled him to walk around with a recorder for the best part of a year, capturing daily sound bites - sound of raindrops, air conditioner, light chatter etc. This bold approach to making music culminated in a body of work that spans across a wide spectrum of sound, vision and movement, and which can only be described as a joyfully experimental - an anthology of sound memories.

Hey man, you have such a unique approach to sound production, can you tell us a little about yourself.

Hi. I’m a creative director and producer APRO. I seek experimental sounds and metamorphic music. I also pursue music that can be visualized with a performative delivery with a certain degree of certainty. The name 'APRO' came from the abbreviation of ‘A Producer’ which covers a broader spectrum than just being limited to music. In the Korean sense, APRO means to move forward.

How did you get started in music?

I started dancing, and then I got into music.

And the current music scene in Seoul?

The music scene in Seoul is rapidly changing. There is as much strangeness as there is newness, so more diverse situations gives way to great inspiration.

Has there been any memorable moment in your career?

I made music using a classical recorder, and it gave new influences to many artists, it also seems that better music came out from them. Of course, I also learned a lot and got influenced by them as well. I felt very strong in a positive way, and thought that this kind of communication and phenomenon is crucial for creation. I want to explore more new things and share them with other artists.

Is there anyone who you want to collaborate with?

I want to play live with an orchestra team or Korean classical music team (Gukak).

That would be amazing to watch live, so what's your future plan APRO?

In the future, I want to put myself in different fields and get over challenges and limitations through different experiments. On the music side, I want to make music using more like futuristic science fiction sounds.

Five words to describe your music  

Positive, Ambiance, Soundtrack, Vestige, Different