bekhari #NYC

Bekhari is an emerging artist who is full of warm and soulful expression. Born in the Bronx, but now building her empire in New Jersey, she’s an amazing representative of soul for the east coast. Her sound is familiar and homely to neo soul, and r&b classics.

HEy! what’s on your current playlist?

I am currently listening to NoNames new independent album titled “Room 25”. She does lullaby raps :)

you have a very soul and r&b sound… who are you most inspired by?

I am deeply inspired by Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Whitney Houston, Heather Headley, and Lauryn Hill.

Any song you especially love to cover?

My favorite song to cover is Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor

And what about your own music? Which song is your favorite to perform?

My favorite song to perform is in fact Royalty:). The song was created to be audience interactive, and I love the message I am spreading in this current climate that the world is in

Many artists get stage fright… Is this a big deal for you?

Yes. I deal with it every single time I perform. I’ve grown to love the challenge of getting past that part and being able to still execute my talents. My adrenaline is always extremely high during a performance. I don’t come back to reality until my performance is finished.