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Can you describe your music in one sentence?

A melange of dancy flavours. 

What’s different in your new record?

There was a big effort to put in less effort, a conscience process to do first takes, first compositions, roll with it, and this record came out of the desire to feel very good with the lyrics and instrumentation.

What’s the scene like now versus back then? 

In the beginning of the scene, we had less inhibitions but we were more wild. As you get older, you get to know yourself better. Bands that have remained her have found their own niches. Parts of me misses the old days because it was such a moment. I don’t know many new artists, so I would love to get back out there and get to know the scene more. 

How do you navigate through the new digital media?

I feel out of touch with some of the new music because there is such an abundance of it out there. On Spotify, I tend to listen to playlists but I don’t pay attention to the artist coming up. That’s definitely something I want to change because I want to support independent art more. 

The digital age isn’t bad. There’s a beauty in our connectedness and our ability to share and comment ideas. It’s definitely different. You have to continuously engage with people or else they’ll think you disappeared. I am definitely adapting to it and trying to find how it can make me feel good and not make me feel good. 

What do you think is a misconception of Montreal?

I think the current misconception is that is has cheap rent. In the last four years, there has been a huge influx of AI money and foreign investments, which has increased rent and making it difficult for artists. Montreal has become on par with other larger cities in terms of rent. With that, the infrastructure here is improving; there are more government projects like roads, street fairs, and universities. It’s changing a lot.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

There are two things. I would love to be a veterinarian even though I am allergic to nature and animals. In another life, I would really like to be a politician. I am really interested in people’s stories and how they live in such a congested city. 

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

My favorite musician right now is Mr. Eazi. My favorite song by him is probably Property. 

What’s the next city that BeatBites should feature?

I actually like Lawrence, Kansas. It’s really special there with great audiences.

Maple syrup or poutine?

Maple syrup. You can do a lot more stuff with it. 

What’s your new record about?

The record was birthed out of Alex’s shattered heel and my terrible break up. Since Alex and I were together, we just decided to make some feel-good songs, since I went out dancing a lot. This record came out of supporting one another and making music that makes us feel good in a difficult time. 

Three keywords: One about yourself, one about your music, and one about Montreal?

Dogs, Deep-bass, and Freedom. 

What was the meaning of your song “All That Blue”?

That song was written towards the end of the record. It was a cold winter in Montreal last year and it was super icy. The influence that winter might be a recurring theme for a lot of other Montreal artists. So the song was about wanting sunshine instead.

If your song was not your song, when would you listen to it?

I would listen to that song at the club. We wrote it and produced it so that it would sound great on a sound system. 

Three keywords about the song?

Futuristic, Sexy, Saxophone

What are the 3 clubs you recommend in Montreal?

Datcha, Stereo, and Café Resonance.

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