Cliche #NYC

Cliche (otherwise known as Thomas) is a teenage multitalented artist hell-bent on defining the next generation of music. Born in Washington Heights and beamed to us from another dimension, Cliche has demonstrated tremendous talent as a rapper, visual artist, merch designer, producer, engineer, comic book artist, vegan chef, crystal collector, and overall sonic architect. He also has a nice smile.

Who are you inspired by ?

I am inspired by what is clever, weird, abnormal, colorful yet stimulate to the mind. I’ve always been a fond of going left rather than right, because you never know what you can find, it’s like a whole void that’s literally not discovered yet waiting to be. You may never know if going left was the right thing all along … and it’s that thought that inspires me very much.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music ?

Yes, here’s a hint. Yout’  

What’s the origin of your stage name ?

Honestly, when I was 15 ( around the age I came up with the name ) I was doing a bunch of shit that was similar to what many individuals were on, such as smoking weed, skating, thrifting, watching anime, disrespecting my parents, and the list goes on. So I figured it’d be cool to name myself CLICHE because all though what I do on the daily is common to others, it’s in my own individual because no one is me, I am different from the next person as that person is to another. Be yourself 

What drew you to the music industry ?

At the time I was 17 around 2016 / 2017 I began to pop out to a bunch of events from the underground community such as open mics, art galleries, release shows & more! Id performs at these events, growing my artistry as well as my name rapidly throughout the community, very shortly into the time I began networking I met a company called! They cater to connecting artist through the services they need on a mutual platform, the whole community viewed them as the bridge between the underground and the industry. Story short the founder of this company became my management, we built a team & from there the doors opened.

Where have you performed ? What are your favorite and least favorite venues ? Do you have any upcoming shows ?

Word! I’ve played hella shows here in NYC, LA, festivals such as SXSW Austin TX, A3C Atlanta GA, Art Basel Miami FL & Hampshire College in MA. Id says my favorite venues are definitely Baby’s All Right, Gramercy Theatre, House of Yes, Elsewhere Space, & Bowery Ballroom .. in terms of least favorite honestly id say the Bowery Electric haha definitely not one of my faves. 

Who are you listening to right now ?