leevisa #SEOUL

DJ Leevisa, most popularly known as one half of Freecollision, always knew that she wanted to create art that is both in and outside of the nightclub culture. That desire was what drove her to make her own music, releasing her first EP in 2018, showcasing her sick music production.

Nobody, especially Leevisa herself thought she would be on the path to music, but during her times in the underground clubs of Seoul, she realized the importance of music in sociocultural context and started exploring progressive sounds. It was a way for her to ‘train herself on how to resist’. Read the rest of her interview below.

Hi leevisa, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi I’m Leevisa. I try to make music that expresses myself best in the genre of electronic music.

Can you tell us how you got started in music?

I’ve had experiences working at a club, and even though it wasn’t a long time, I found out how DJs work and it fascinated me. I couldn’t stop myself from trying it out myself. As I started DJ-ing more, I had this natural desire to want to play my own music more and more. So, I started producing my own music.

how has seoul affected your music?

Seoul is a desperate city with potential, it makes people desperate. Everything changes quickly here. I try my best to break through my own limits and make better music.


It was when I first played at Cakeshop as a DJ, it was for the 3rd year anniversary party of a local crew called ‘Subbeat’. I was shocked by how the main DJ ‘Mobilegirl’ played, I’ve never heard any other DJ that plays like her before. I wanted to know how all the sounds were made. You can say that day started my producing career.


I want to perform anywhere I can. Regardless of where in the world, I want to play at big festivals or any place which is not a club. It will be fun to play where normal club music isn’t played, like in museums or classical music halls.

what’s your plan for the future?

I want to continue making music in my own way and will try to collaborate with artists in different fields. I hope I can record all kinds of sounds all around the world. I’m also trying to use my own voice, and try experimenting with different instruments that I’m not familiar with.

describe your music in 5 words

Peace / Resistance / Disorder / Freedom / Hope