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If electronic music is a religion then Berghain, the not-so-secret secret club is its place of worship –– this Berlin dance mecca famed for its hedonistic sites and hailed as one of the havens of techno music. It’s also where Perel became inspired to start making club music, transitioning from an indie-dance fueled sound to heavier clubby beats. Born Annegret Friedler in Germany, Perel had once been a part of a few bands before venturing solo and finding her own unique style. It wasn’t until she went to Berghain and felt the magnetic energy coming inside that she began to experiment with new sounds for her music. 

Read our interview with the talented musician to find out what she has to say about setting yourself apart from other rising musicians in the industry and the impact of electronic music on all genres below.

New musicians are constantly popping up in the electronic music scene, especially in Berlin and Amsterdam. How do you set yourself apart from the rest?

The best thing is, by never thinking about what I’m doing. Just be yourself, and try to be as authentic as possible. It’s not about competition and we should benefit from each other and follow our own paths. At least for me, it worked out like that. I never really looked at what other people did, I just enjoy music. The only way it works out is when you don’t think about what other people do, just follow your own path, and it’s not about competition. It’s about making music together and trying to benefit from each other. Take your time to find out what you really want, and have some patience with yourself, you can’t find your own sound from one day to another. Sometimes it takes several years, and you should be really happy, this is the only thing that matters. 

How did living in Berlin influence your music creation?

It became club music at some point. Before I was more into indie-dance music, and of course I knew DJs like DJ-Hal, or Marcel Dettmann, for instance, big names for me. They really influenced me. For myself, I can’t really say - it was just the club scene that inspired me and turned my music into dance music, instead of just indie-dance. 

How does a track come about? Do you hear sounds in your mind that you then pursue into musical form?

It’s really different all the time, sometimes I have a melody in my mind that needs to come out, and then I go into the studio, trying to transform the kind of idea I have into music. I also travel with my little MIDI board so that I can catch ideas immediately. Sometimes, it’s just by jamming around with other people, or by myself, not really having something particular in mind. Sometimes, I see colors that need some melodies or some notes, it’s so different all the time. I really like that it comes from different directions and the approach is different all the time.

Why do you think electronic music has become so massively popular worldwide?

That’s really an interesting question. What does electronic music mean? Is it just dance music in general? Or electronic music in general? Because everything is electronic, nowadays, there is nothing that is not electronic. Pop music in the 80s, late 70s, everything became so electronic. So if you mean techno or house, then I can’t really tell you, because I see that there are so many different genres going on right now, and all parallel next to each other. So if it’s ambient music, techno, house, disco, rock music, I think everyone loves electronic music. 

We know you love 80s new wave, what about ambient composers such as Caterina Barbieri and Kara-Lis Coverdale. It seems that 80s music is having a renaissance now, any idea why?

I’m not only into 80s new wave, and 80s influenced music, I love so much other styles, and you can really hear that in my album. I think ambient music has been here for several years, I think it’s a nice contrast to all the techno that’s going on, people need something to calm down. If you’re coming back from a long club night, you just need something that brings it down a little bit and to relax. I think ambient music is the perfect way to do that. Also in my daily life, I love to listen to ambient music.

What are five key words you would use to describe your sound?

Colorful, energetic, mother tongue, DFA, honest

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