poetic thrust #NYC

A bold take on the cross-section between Hip-Hop and Jazz, Poetic Thrust is a seven piece live band dedicated to bending the form of contemporary music, and always adding a little soul.

Excitement pounds upon the walls of perception, rolling its nimble digits to the tune of kinesis. Power converges with Tact, weaving the intricate handshakes of each borough through formidable gravity. Ambition tugs at the coattails of complacent verse, revisions proofread by the owl eyes of Intent. Fear is an agent of the inert, who remains acknowledged, but overlooked. Freedom is the common denominator, on all fours, a moderator of this most splendorous crucible. A conference of archivists at the table of history. A monument to peace. This is Poetic Thrust.

Who writes your songs?

It’s a very collective writing process between the seven of us. Two people might arrive with a groove or vibe, another will lay a road map of chord changes, our vocalists will start to get an idea of what they want to talk about, and the horns will work with them to punctuate phrases and add power to the song. It’s always different though. We all write our own parts, and we do it with everybody there to vibe off of the collective energy. It’s similar to the way a single person might write a song, but because we’re very in tune with each other it works with seven.

What's the origin of your stage name?

It was something a that our drummer found assembled on a fridge of poetry magnets. It made a lot of sense, so he took a picture of it and it quickly became our name.

what do your songs talk about? Do you think these topics will change over time?

Most of the songs we write are about reflecting on the best and worst in ourselves. They’re like hyperbolic insights into the way we young people navigate the world, whether it be related to romance, mental health, political beliefs or pop culture, it is all there. The topics will definitely change as we get older and have more experiences and knowledge to draw from.

How has your music evolved since you first began?

The nice thing about having a weekly show at Loosie Rouge is that every Wednesday night we have a built-in live rehearsal. Outside of that we really only rehearse when we need to. That usually means running the set before a headlining show. Occasionally we have writing retreats and escape to a cabin upstate to just be with each other apart from the chaos of our outside lives.