Amongst the Asian continent, the electronic music scene is arguably most prominent in South Korea. While lacking in size, it makes up in depth and maturity compared to some of its continental neighbours. For episode 6, we feature SINQMIN an enigmatic bastion of the Korean DJ scene. Since the release of his first EP in 2016, he’s been on a roll, continuously releasing new music every six months and supported artists such as Derrick May, Wiz Khalifa, Boston Bun and Panteros666 to name a few. We sit down to speak to SINQMIN about his music and his journey towards creating his own unique sound.

can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I am SINQMIN, I’m a DJ-Producer from Seoul. Although my music genre is techno, I always try to mix with other music genres and incorporate different styles of music with my own. And yes, SINQMIN is really my real name.

HOW did you get started in music?

I discovered the music of JUSTICE in 2008, when I was just 18 years old. That inspired me to make music, and from that point on, it just became so natural to listen to electronic music. I started my professional music career at 21 years old.

can you describe the electronic music seen in seoul?

I think it is in a chaotic phase. I definitely think the electronic music industry needs to set a good set of standards for the mainstream music industry. There is no real standouts to represent the DJ world in Seoul. Whereas in the mainstream industry there are already good standards in place and musicians represents it well. To this regard, I want to be that person, to pave the way and be the standard.

IN that sense, how do you think it affects your music?

Living in Seoul makes you move faster and gives you a competitive mindset not only with others but also yourself. Seoul definitely challenges my personality and inspires me to be a better artist.

given the fast nature of this city, you must have been through alot. what was one of the most important moment of your career?

It is hard to pick ONLY one incident. However, it was when I worked as a party organizer, I felt an identity crisis about who I was. At that time, MIXMAG KOREA designated me as a Korea Representative and sent me to the IMS conference. It was there that I met other artists from Asia who was talking about their life as an artist whereas I only talked about my life as the party organizer. This experience created an internal turmoil. That moment inspired me to ask myself - who am I. Since then, I started producing music. I think this is one of the most impactful moments in my music career.

where are you looking forward to performing next?

I did perform in China and will be performing there again in June. However, I want to visit as many countries as possible and perform at different places to gain new experiences. I don’t want to limit myself to visit specific places, I want to run the gamut at every place I perform.

what’s your plan for the future?

I want to collaborate with other genres such as hip-hop, Rock, RnB and layering it to give texture to Techno. I want to produce collabo music, showcases, and tours.

describe your music in 5 words

Red / Dreamlike / Weird / Future / Classic