K-pop still reigns supreme with South Korea being known for their plethora of boy and girl groups singing catchy pop tunes. Thankfully with the indie music scene on the rise, it seems Wetter has emerged at the right moment. For those who love alternative rock, this four piece band are the ones to keep an eye out for. Embodying a laid back charisma the band alternates between acoustics and heavier rock, giving listeners that captivating familiar rock sound. We got a chance to spend a day with vocalist Choi Won-bin, bassist Jung Ji-hoon, guitarist Chae Ji-ho and drummer Heo Jin-hyuk to find out what really makes them tick.


Since we were kids, we’ve had a longing for music, and when we started playing in a band, we were naturally drawn to the rock genre. Especially the very first time we saw Oasis, we just wanted to become a band like them.

K-pop is so popular these days, what is the actual music scene in South Korea like?

The music scene in South Korea, especially in Seoul as a whole seems to change rapidly in different genres, it slowly adapts but then transforms into its own various forms. Nowadays, there is a lot of high level of consumption and fast passing music trends. But there’s also many musicians who have been keeping their own. The band scene is very small and it’s only getting smaller and smaller. So it's important for these bands to keep their individuality, and to make good music. That’s the role we want to play in the music scene.

Seoul can mean different things to different people, what is Seoul to you?

We are all from different hometowns, but our time growing up on Seoul was so long that it’s become a familiar and natural place.

So we’ve never really thought about how it effects our music. If we really think about it, ‘Seoul’ is like a ‘Society’ to us, and there’s two-sides to the city like the two faces of a coin. Where we’ve often been hurt and suffered but it also helps us to create.

Wonbin (Vocal): The place I live.

Jihoon (Bass): The city of love and hate.

Jiho (Guitar): The city that never sleeps.

Jinhyuk (Drum): My sweet hometown.

Has there been any memorable or important moments in your career?

The most memorable time was when we appeared on the main stage of 'Jisan Rock Festival' and on Legendary korean rock-star, Kim Chang-wan's radio station. In fact, every moment when releasing an album and continuing its activities is important and decisive. All the moments when the hard-working put into an album is complete and then released are special. And maybe with the UK tour scheduled for later this year will be the most important moment of all!

What's next on the cards for WETTER?

Our band will be very active this year, and we are planning a variety of activities, including single albums and performances. We want to make a regular album that everyone can be crazy about. The previous Wetter was more into garage sound, but now we’re thinking of adding more electronic and intuitive sound, but of course, we’ll always keep the spirit of rock (laughs).  Our hope is to be on tour all over the country from Asia all the way to Glastonbury. We will try to do our best until we get there.

Describe your song ‘where is my everything’ in 5 words

Rock&Roll baby, Kimchi, Friends, One-Piece(Japanese Manga), Wet